Olympic Reflections II or How Doing This Blog Made Me Write More Good For Our Company Blog

We’re now into Day 3 of the Hardcore XXX Olympic Games, or Games of the Thirtieth Olympiad… whichever you prefer.

Over the weekend, I realized that my patriotism has its limits, which were finally reached last night with NBC’s 17th consecutive hour of swimming coverage. I will forever cheer our country on to victory, but after you’ve been watching swimming all day, you realize that 1) every swimming race looks exactly the same and 2) eventually you feel like you have chlorine in your eyes. Still, I’ve enjoyed the opening salvo of events very much, and of course would feel remiss if I didn’t relay my thoughts about the games thus far:

– If I played a team sport, I would want Hope Solo to be on that team for the following reasons:

a) She would single handedly win any game, contest, match, event, or conflict that we would ever want to engage in.
b) She has her teammate’s backs through thick and thin.
c) She could, at any time, get into a fight with Brandy Chastain.

– The 400 Individual Medley had a very, “the king is dead, long live the king” feeling between Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte. I’m glad that all the training paid off for Lochte, but I wish he didn’t come across as such an asshole. These days, the only  time I root for the bad guy is when I watch Dexter.

– Jordyn Wieber finished 4th overall in the qualifying rounds for the individual gymnastics all around, but will not be part of the top 24 because the system only allows for 2 competitors from each country. When did the BCS start making the rules for women’s gymnastics, and when will the Chinese be given the death penalty for recruiting violations?

– Indoor volleyball is the ultimate team sport, with each individual playing their role as part of a greater whole. Except on the US women’s team, because Destinee Hooker is single handedly destroying Koreans and Brazilians with extreme prejudice.  She had 19 kills and 21 points against South Korea, and 22 kills and 23 points against Brazil. I’m still not 100% on what a kill is, but I know it involves domination. Destinee Hooker is the most awesome thing to hit Royal Albert Hall since Pink Floyd played there in 1973, and it’s clearly because she went to UT. When the US wins the goal medal, and Destinee Hooker throws her horns up in front of the entire world, I will immediately find the most breakable thing in my apartment, and headbutt it.

– Speaking of volleyball, I enjoyed a trip to the beach courtesy of Ms. May-Treanor and Ms. Walsh-Jennings. The Australian ladies didn’t seem to enjoy it quite as much though. At one point, one of them started waggling her finger at Kerri Walsh-Jennings after she blocked the spike. I believe that was the last point the Australians scored. She’s lucky that Walsh-Jennings didn’t break her finger off and do something decidedly inappropriate with it. Maybe next time the Aussies won’t be so quick to wake the dragon.

– Kim Rhode became the first American to medal in 5 straight Olympics by setting a new record with 99 out of 100 in the skeet competition. To be clear, someone shot 100 clay pigeons into the air, and she blew up 99 of them. Or, to put it another way, she can now walk around saying, “You think you got skills? I feel bad for you son. I blew up 99 pigeons and I just missed one.” If you take that level of bad ass, and add it to the fact that she just medaled in her 5th straight Olympics, that’s like bad ass squared. That makes Kim Rhode awesome both figuratively and mathematically.

– I’m enjoying the late night coverage / bonus coverage, but please stop trying to make me watch equestrian. It’s not going to happen. The only way I’m watching anything involving horses in these Olympics is if they give the riders armor, lances, and swords, and this guy gets involved.

Tangent: Apologies to any equestrian fans that this might offend, especially my cousin Ashley who does compete in equestrian events.

Deeper Tangent: One of my cousins is an equestrian… another was a fencer. Where did I go wrong in the realm of civilized sporting competition? I bet I would have been a bad ass snooker player.

Today I’ll close with something that has absolutely nothing to do with the Olympics. A while back, I used to write for our company blog pretty regularly on best practices for website content. It’s a topic on which I can provide a lot of information, but is not something I’m particularly passionate about. Because of this, my posts started to read like a technical writing exercise on how to watch water dry. I believe that they were occasionally used to lull morphine addicts to sleep in lieu of some form of chemical inducement. At any rate, I recently wrote a new post as mandated by our management under my own free will, and I’m happy to report that the writing style I’ve adapted for Life in B-Flat  has spilled over into my other writing. While this may not mean anything to you, for me this is very exciting, because it means that I’m finally starting to grow again as a writer. If you’re interested, you can check out the link to my company blog post below. However, you should only CLICK ON IT if you’re interested in the subject matter, and not because the person who’s blog post gets the most hits gets a gift card at the end of the month. Seriously. That would be wrong.

Click here for the most awesome post about website content in the history of the world and if you don’t click this then you’re not my friend.

Until next time then, here’s hoping that the XXX Games rock on, and that our countrymen continue to dominate their respective fields. Yes, even in equestrian.

P.S – For a neat blog post, click here

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