Enough is Enough

I’m not going to apologize for my lack of recent posts. If Jesus had wanted me to post before now, I would have been blessed with divine inspiration or something.

A week ago, for reasons that none of us will ever understand, James Holmes entered a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises with enough guns to invade a 3rd world country, and proceeded to open fire on the theater patrons. Among the dead are:

– Jessica Ghawi, a young, aspiring sportswriter (who used the exact same theme that I do for her WordPress blog) . Jessica narrowly escaped a similar attack in Toronto just 4 weeks ago.

– Jonathan Blunk, a sericeman who had served 3 tours of duty, and who had aspirations of re-enlisting to become a Navy SEAL. He died while shielding his girlfriend from the bullets, a fate also shared by Matt McQuinn and Alex Teves.

– Veronica Moser-Sullivan, a 6 year old child who’s mother is currently in critical condition after being shot in the throat, and is unaware of her daugher’s fate.

Every victim has their own story. Those stories will likely be told for years to come. Scholarships will be established, memorials will be created, and vigils will be held. We will remember their names, and mourn the sudden end of journeys that will now forever remain incomplete. I myself will not cheapen the memories of the fallen by trying to eulogize people whom I only know from news stories. Instead, I will sit here in anger over what happened, and ask all the righteous questions I can think of on their behalf.

Why was a 6 year old kid at a PG-13 movie at a midnight showing? How did someone manage to legally acquire an arsenal of weapons and enough ammunition to re-enact the final scene from Butch Cassady and the Sundance Kid without someone batting an eyelash? Why did this happen 13 miles from Columbine High School? Is Aurora, Colorado the nexus of evil on Earth? On what planet does the arguement, “if more people in the audience had concealed handguns, maybe this wouldn’t have happened” make sense? Why do we feel the need to keep killing each other, and why do the laws in this country make it so easy to do it? Why does this keep happening?

There are, of course, no easy answers to these questions. Even if there were answers, it wouldn’t change what happened. It won’t bring back a woman who just wanted to write about hockey, or a man who survived multiple tours in the Persian Gulf only to be gunned down at a theater in his own homeland, or a little girl who just wanted to learn how to swim.

I won’t sit here and argue that guns should not be controlled, but rather eliminated from our society. I may feel that way, but frankly I don’t want to use my blog as a platform for political debate. What I will say is that something needs to change, because what we’re doing now is not working. I’m tired of shuddering every time I see the “Special Report” slide pop up on my television. I’m tired of cryptic comments on Facebook with links that make me dread to click on them. And I’m tired of trying to remain positive in a world filled with so much negativity. Men like George Zimmerman and James Holmes were not born evil, but somehow got the will and the instruments to do evil things.

When will enough be enough? And how many more people have to die before we can all stand together to say stop?

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