I (Don’t) Got Rhythm

At this very moment, I’ve determined that there are 3 things that throw off my rhythm more than anything else. They are, in no particular order:

1) Sales guys talking loudly behind me while I’m trying to write.
2) Trying to play guitar in Rock Band/Guitar Hero while Anton is playing the drums.
3) Nationally recognized holidays that occur in the middle of the week.

Don’t get me wrong, I have absolutely no problem with the 4th of July. I hold those truths to be self evident as much as the next person, I pursue life, liberty, and happiness with extreme vigor, and I will high five every minuteman I ever meet. I also don’t have any problem with days off from work/school, although I do wish that the kids in my neighborhood hadn’t displayed their patriotism until 3:00 in the morning.

Tangent: 2 things I’ve never understood about the 4th of July: 1) Why do we celebrate by blowing up millions of dollars worth of material made in China and 2) Why do we listen to an epic masterwork created by a slightly insane Russian composer? While I may never figure that out, I hope to God we never stop, because fireworks and the 1812 Overture kick ass.

I think that celebrating the 4th of July is not only a right, but the responsibility of every red blooded American that has ever spangled a starry banner across the fruited plains. I just wish there was some loophole in the Gregorian calendar that prevented it from ever occuring on a Wednesday. Usually by this point in the week I’m well into my groove. My correspondence is flowing, my clients are listening, or at least pretending to listen to my consultation, and I’ve made at least 1 programmer or designer cry. This week though, I feel like someone got to Wednesday hit the reset button, got the grey screen of death, pulled the cartridge out, blew in it, put it back in the Nintendo, and discovered that all of their save game data had gone to Nintendo Heaven. Suffice it to say, it feels like Monday and I’ve got absolutely no rhythm at all.

For me, having a good rhythm is something that extends well past music. I don’t ever aim to become mired in routine, doing the exact same thing day in and day out without any hope of escape. If that was my goal, I would have become an accountant.

Tangent: Math is lame except on this show.

I do think it’s important to establish a rhythm to one’s life. Unfortunately, there is no universal rhythm that’s perfect for everyone. For some, the right rhythm might be the Danza Final from Estancia. Those people move with speed, ferocity, and will probably stab you if you get in the way. Others might pose the question, ‘how blue can you get,” as they move a bit slower, but deliberately and with many, many awesome solos. I don’t know if this is a good metaphor or not, but this particular version of How Blue Can You Get managed to redeem Blues Brothers 2000 in only 5 minutes and 31 seconds, so you should probably listen to it.

Whether it’s fast or slow, everyone should strive to find their rhythm. Without it, we are merely a wildly bouncing ball in the pinball machine of life. Hopefully by tomorrow I’ll have re-established my own rhythm. Until then, I’ll leave you with this haiku:

It feels like Monday
But tomorrow is Friday
That part does kick ass.

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