Things In Things That Have Seemingly Nothing Or Very Little To Do With The First Things Are Funny

A few years back, I saw this commercial for the first time. It touched me on a level that I never thought was possible, and irrevocably changed the course of my life. Ok, not really, but it is both an awesome and funny commercial. If you asked me why this is, I couldn’t begin to tell you. Gorillas, drums, and Phil Collins have absolutely nothing to do with British chocolate makers that I know of. So why is this so funny?

Tangent: There is, of course, the chance that you don’t think this is funny at all, and if so you probably think I’m on drugs or am damaged in some other way. You may be right (Mom, I’m not taking drugs), but I would counter your argument with the fact that you are a lifeless, soulless husk of a person that sucks all the joy from the wonderful things in this world. I also stuck my tongue out when I wrote that. Yeah, that’s right. Please remember to tip your waiter because you just got served… blog style.

I’ve always found humor in things that are absurd or even nonsensical. To me, the more abstract you can make something, the more potential it has for humor. For an example, an early episode of Family Guy saw Peter being sentenced in court:

For someone who didn’t grow up in the 80’s, this would make little to no sense. For those of us that did, the sudden, inexplicable appearance of a beloved icon delivering his infamous catchphrase sends us back to a time of running through the sprinkler while licking kool aid  ice cubes with toothpicks.

I don’t think I’m articulating what I wanted to say about today’s  topic like I wanted to, but that’s ok. Perhaps it’s fitting that this post should be somewhat nonsensical in its own right. In closing, here are a few nonsensical pairings I’ve come up with that I think should be developed immediately:

1) “Kramer vs. Kramer vs. Kramer” – Dustin Hoffman, Meryl Streep, and Michael Richards in a love triangle filled with courtroom drama and neighbors who just won’t go away.
2) “The Goondock Saints” – Sean Astin & Sean Patrick Flannery bring a new level of justice to that Fratelli gang. The Goonies may never say die, but everyone who has ever wronged them will…
3) “Remember the Clash of the Titans” – Hades and his minions have bitten off more than they can chew when Denzel Washington arrives to whip up the denizens of Olympus into a lean, mean, tackling machine.

Tangent: The sales guys are now singing “In The Air Tonight” because I played that commercial without headphones a few minutes ago.

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