Bonus Coverage: Musician on Musician Violence

Because today’s earlier post was relatively short, and because I was already thinking about nonsensical things at lunch, here’s a quick bonus entry for today that poses the age old question:

Who Would Win In Steel Cage Matches Between The Following Musicians?

Bonnie Tyler vs. Heart – Bonnie Tyler wins after totally eclipsing the Wilson sisters.

Faith No More vs. Faith Hill – In a surprising upset, Faith Hill proves to be a wild one after delivering an epic beat down to Faith No More, as they are unable to answer the question that has plagued mankind for generations….what is it?

Aerosmith vs. Jane’s Addiction – Jane’s Addiction wins since, by Aerosmith’s own admission, Janie’s got a gun.

Hall & Oates vs. Crosby, Stills, & Nash – Ends in a no contest. Although Hall & Oates have the Maneater on their side, the pacifistic nature of CSNY teaches the children well, and hugs instead of punches are given all around. Conspicuous by his absence is Neil Young, who may or may not have been waiting backstage with a steel chair.

Pink vs. Pink Floyd – Pink did that song where she talks about starting a fight. Pink Floyd is the greatest band in the history of the world. This isn’t even a discussion. Pink Floyd makes Pink comfortably numb… six feet under.

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