Almost Romantic Poetry

Your smile is the candle
That gives light without fail.
Your eyes are two oceans
Upon which I would sail.
Forever and ever
Til I walk toward the light.
There’s nothing on TV
Let’s get freaky tonight.

Your smile is now fading
As you shake your head no
Juliet, you’ll recall
Didn’t block Romeo.
But your beauty enchants me
All my senses have fled
If we can’t get it on
Can we make out instead?

The spot where you slapped me
In the face; yes it burns.
While the heart wants what it wants
It’s my loins that now yearn
I see where we’re at now
So I think it’d be best
If we just sat in silence
While I stare at your chest.

You’ve stormed out my door
I feel so alone.
I’d thought I found love
Not an eternal friend zone.
It’s abundantly clear
That we’ve hit a wall.
So would it be weird
If I gave your roommate a call?

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